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Hot Stone Massage and Fire & Ice Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage
This massage technique is highly effective and uses naturally formed basalt stones which are heated in order to perform the massage. The hot stones as well as heated hands are applied to the body delivering a very comforting and luxuriating massage that is able to release a lot of tension and aid the body in detoxing. This massage has a very calming, relaxing and soothing effect.

Fire & Ice Stone Massage
Just like the hot stone massage the Fire & Ice Stone Massage is incredibly soothing and luxuriating. The difference with this massage is that it incorporates both hot and cold stones which are applied to the body. It is a form of thermotherapy which delivers a more amplified detoxing effect than the Hot Stone Massage. This massage is also effective at assisting the body with rectifying imbalances within one’s muscle tone and tension as both heat and cold induce the muscles to separate responses and balance between tension and slack within the muscles is thereby encouraged.

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