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About Hands on Healing

Touch related treatments and therapies, such as massage, are an ancient form of healing that has survived centuries and has been adapted into modern times.
The power of massage was brought to the modern western world in the early 1800s and was found to be highly beneficial especially in the sports industries and so its popularity grew and massage therapists are now an integral part of any sports team or individual athlete’s career because of the great positive impact it has on the body.

Massage however is not localized as a modality of benefit to athletes only. Indeed nearly anybody can reap the rewards of seeking this form of healing therapy.
The list of indications for massage is rather long as in many cases it brings relief in mental, emotional and physical ailments.

Not only to touch related therapies have positive effects for humans but it has shown fantastic results with animals as well. Pleasure horses and performance horses alike benefit greatly from various forms of touch therapy, such as Equine Trauma and Fascia Release.